Warning Signs for Eating Problems and Disorders

Take a few moments to answer the questions below. If you answer Yes to one or more of these questions, you may be experiencing eating problems or disorders. If so, help is available! Be sure to talk about your concerns with your parents, teachers, family physician, or school counselor.

Questions for a student

Are you preoccupied with your weight? Do you find it hard not to think or talk about it?
Do you worry about food, calories, and dieting most of the time?
Are you unhappy about how you look because of your weight or the shape of your body?

Do you feel lonely, unhappy, or irritable?
Do you have trouble with sleepiness or tiredness; do you find it difficult to concentrate?
Do you eat or exercise in secret? Do you hide food?
Has there been a big change in your school performance and grades — either up or
Do you avoid activities or relationships because of concerns about your weight or
appearance? Have you changed your activities or relationships because of these
Do you wear loose, baggy clothing to hide your body shape?
In warm weather, are you ever cold and shivering, or need to wear lots of clothes?
Do you feel you MUST keep up a strict exercise schedule, regardless of weather,
fatigue, illness or injury?
Do you constantly think about your weight or worry about your body appearance?
Do you engage in behaviors around food and your body weight that could be seriously
harmful to your health?
Do you go through periods of strict dieting followed by overeating? Do you gain and
lose weight rapidly as a result?
Do you have physical symptoms you cannot explain, such as light-headedness,
dizziness, stomach or intestinal discomfort, or problems with your menstruation?
Do you feel that how you look defines who you are? Do you think “I’m thin and
good,” or “I’m gross and bad?”

If you have concerns about your eating habits or other concerns, contact your family
physician, school counselor.

For questions for parents, check out this post.