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Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and it is therefore necessary that children should be provided with good education. Irrespective of sex, race and ethnic groups; every child has a right to an education. The children must be properly nurtured before they can become the leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are some sections of society that cannot afford to send their children to school. Apart from poor economic status, there are some that are forced to discontinue their studies owing to improper parental care. It is the duty of the government and of people at large to provide such students enough opportunity and encouragement to get back to school and pursue their studies. With this in view, several organizations in the state of Texas, USA have brought out several programs so that children are lured to continue their studies. These programs popularly called as the Texas Back to School campaign have become very popular throughout USA.

The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas conducts special programs for the benefit of such students. The programs are conducted during weekends and even during summer seasons. The Church distributes books and other stationery materials required by these students for the entire academic year. The students are counseled to go back to school and pursue their studies. Apart from support in terms of books and stationery, in deserving cases the church also helps the students in various other forms like supplies for the family and so on.

In addition to the help offered by the Church, various other voluntary organizations also contribute their mite for the welfare of these students so that they would get back to school and continue their studies. One of the other important organizations that has opened exclusive assistance program for the benefit of poor students is the Mayor's back to school fair conducted in Texas. Some of the notable contributors for this program are Walmart and Sam's club. This fair is conducted every summer just before the commencement of the next academic year. About 15000 children from Texas and neighborhood places take part in this fair.

Students attending the fair are entertained with food, music and games. They are provided with books and stationery and various other supplies. In fact, they are given free hair cut and students can undergo free dental and general health check up. Wherever necessary, follow up with concerned medical units are also arranged. Economically weak students are provided with scholarships. Further, wherever necessary students are given free counseling and parents would also be the participants of such counseling sessions. Wherever necessary, issues like crime prevention, nutrition and even financial assistance for the family are also addressed.

This agency has opened a food bank where students or their families are provided with supplies. In addition to this, the bank provides food for thousands of children every day. Any person interested to serve this organization can register his/her name on its website. The organization welcomes donations either in cash or kind. Students or families in need of assistance can call on the organization directly or through any of the volunteers. The organization would be willing to provide all the possible help not only for the students but also for the family. Thousands of students and families have been benefited from such organizations. It has helped thousands of students to get back to school and pursue their studies. In fact, many of the students who have since pursued their studies with the help provided by these organizations have been well placed in life and they always look at these organizations with a sense of everlasting gratitude. As a matter of fact, now these beneficiary students are also contributing considerable amount of money for the various welfare activities of these organizations. It would be a wonderful opportunity to contribute because by doing so, you would contribute to the welfare of future leaders of the country.