How Come Everything Is Bigger In Texas?

Texas is a big state, just Alaska is bigger, and when you consider livable land, the state Texas is the absolutely the biggest state (though there are individuals like Sam Morningstar who believe that San Angelo is not livable at all).

The people that in earlier times settled down in Texas included several dreamers who wished to create a state where everything would be the world’s biggest, the largest market, the biggest ranch, the biggest business, and so on, and that typical Texan ‘Think Big’ mindset is still existing across much of Texas today.

Regardless of whether someone is a hero or a crook, they just are striving to be the best, the biggest, or the most famous. This ‘Think Big’ mentality may sometimes carry an individual to excess, but in Texas, these characters are cherished, especially when they’re a little crazy.

On the other hand, the name Texas was derived from ‘tejas’, a word from the Caddo tribe language that means ‘friendly’.

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Checking our the World’s Largest State Fair

Happy New Year everybody! Wanna know the best thing I did last year? Checking out the State Fair of Texas!

The Fair is recognized as the World’s Largest State Fair with almost three million visitors in attendance in 2016.  Last year’s fair kicked on Friday, September 30th and we were there on Saturday to enjoy the festivities with a toddler, no teenager in tow.  We headed to Fair Park on Saturday morning with a bustling two-year-old ready to conquer the fair.

The State Fair of Texas last 24 days and this annual event is held at historic Fair Park in Dallas. The fair has been around since 1886 and is organized every year except during World Wars I and II. Given my disdain for crowds, I was trying to convince myself this would not be so bad.  After all, it is early and we won’t be there long.  Right?  So we get off our exit to loads of people in neon yellow vest flagging us into different parking areas… I am thinking… okay, this seems to have some order to it.  Maybe I can handle this.

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Warning Signs for Eating Problems and Disorders

Take a few moments to answer the questions below. If you answer Yes to one or more of these questions, you may be experiencing eating problems or disorders. If so, help is available! Be sure to talk about your concerns with your parents, teachers, family physician, or school counselor.

Questions for a student

Are you preoccupied with your weight? Do you find it hard not to think or talk about it?
Do you worry about food, calories, and dieting most of the time?
Are you unhappy about how you look because of your weight or the shape of your body?

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Mental Health Checklist

Our Checklists for Health alert the public to the early signs and symptoms of mental health conditions that might warrant professional treatment among vulnerable populations: preschool children, school-age children, teenagers, the elderly, and the homeless and near homeless. Available in both Spanish and English, these flyers are distributed to schools, clinics, and nonprofit agencies.

For Adults

In the midst of our busy lives, it is easy to forget to “check in” with ourselves and take stock of our physical and emotional well-being,
and the essential elements that characterize a healthy, satisfying life. Throughout our lives, our needs change, whether the result of
natural transitions or sudden situations beyond our control. Ironically, many of us, especially caretakers, parents, and professionals,
are so focused on meeting our responsibilities in caring for others that we neglect our own needs. Here are some important questions to consider:
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